[Wine] Re: SecuROM and Wine on Mac OS X

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Apr 30 19:14:14 CDT 2010

Haravikk wrote:
> doh123 wrote:
> > Oblivion has major issues under Wine on OSX that don't show up in Linux...
> Like I said I had a downloaded copy of Oblivion (plain, non-GOTY) and it ran perfectly for me, except for the current problem with a number of games lacking sound (music, and some sound effects in this case). But otherwise it was smooth even with high detail settings.

in standard command line Wine?  What Wine version? what version of Xquartz?  what type of Direct3D settings did you use... what other registry changes.. dll changes did you make.... anything from Winetricks?

It seems to run perfectly fine for me as well... all the way up until you start to create your character, then there is major graphical flaws.  That said I haven't tired since 1.1.40, so maybe something in 1.1.41-1.1.43 fixed it.

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