[Wine] Use a different character set for a specific program on wine

shabiel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 3 16:11:23 CDT 2010

There is a feature in Windows where you tell it (in Regional and Language Settings in XP, e.g.) to use a specific encoding for non-Unicode programs.

That's my issue. I am storing Arabic using cp1256/windows-1256 in a remote database. This is not Unicode; Arabic characters are stored in the 128-255 range of extended ASCII. The program (an electronic health records program) will display garbage by default if you don't set the encoding correctly in which to represent the data. If you set the encoding correctly, you see meaningful Arabic.

What wine currently does is that it displays the data in ISO-8856-1 encoding (my best guess from what I am seeing).

Here's the Question: How can you tell wine to use a specific character set for a non-Unicode enabled program?

I searched online and on this website and couldn't find an answer. So I am posting here.


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