[Wine] Mount and Blade: Warband - mouse messed up

zorgoth wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 3 21:26:35 CDT 2010

In mount and blade, I am supposed to use my mouse as a camera with no mouse buttons pressed.  This works, until I try to rotate too much...  The mouse is invisibly moving behind my window and eventually hits the side of the screen.  I have tried all the settings on MouseWrapOverride, none of which have any effect on the problem.  I have also tried using only one workspace, which didn't work either.

In addition, when the mouse is shown, it has no alpha (i.e. there is a white box around it) - I do not actually find this much of an issue, however annoying it may sound, but if someone has a fix that would be great.

I tried a hack where I have a keybinding to put my mouse in the middle of the screen, but it doesn't work very efficiently in game situations and sometimes causes my character to rotate wildly, which is generally fatal in combat.

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