[Wine] [Jack-Devel] Announcement: wineasio-0.8.0 source available on SVN

jordan johnston triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 16:54:14 CDT 2010

Thank you, Peter. :)

I'll be testing it out. I am just on my way out the door, so it won't
be until later tonight.

Also, thanks for the explanation on the Mutex vs. Semaphores. I think
i have a little bit better understanding,
I also did some googling on the subject.

"I'd read previously that there was an issue with semaphores (hence I expect why
JackWASIO had moved to mutexes).  However, if they're working better,
I'll revert."

I had read the same thing. however, while not "platform specific", it
may be jackOSX/coreaudio specific
maybe?  because obviously, The JackWASIO code was revised that way for
a reason, right?
that's sort of my logic anyway. there must be something different in
JackOSX, that exposes issues
with semaphores....

anyway, gotta go


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