[Wine] Wine 1.2 IE8

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 28 21:28:59 CDT 2010

DanKegel wrote:
> schulte3 wrote:
>> IE8 works mostly fine for me. I cannot use the search bars at all but setting google as the homepage is a nice workaround for that. If you're purely using it for testing purposes it works fine. 
>> To the OP, I followed the exact guide you did. However, I installed IE6, then IE8 (both through winetricks) because of a comment made in a test result for IE8 in the AppDB. After installing both through winetricks and adding any necessary DLL overrides from the tutorial I just switched the names of the .exe's in the ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Internet Explorer to have IE6's .exe (the one in caps) to something different, and IE8's to iexplore.exe. For my version of wine, 1.2, I didn't have to download the additional DLLs from winetricks that the tutorial suggests. 
> That's interesting.  Winetricks ie8 really does install ie8 (James is 
> mistaken), but the installed ie8 doesn't work.  If you've gotten it 
> working, then maybe we can fix winetricks ie8 to do the same thing
> you did.
Thank you for the correction.  I read elsewhere that it faked 
installation of ie8.  My mistake. 

Hopefully, with this thread, we can get a partially working IE8 and 
figure out how to get it fully functional.

James McKenzie

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