[Wine] Re: riched32.dll refresh(?) problem

jbrown wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 29 04:12:57 CDT 2010

James McKenzie wrote:
> Is the program a Windows95 program?

I'm not sure, but it is a very old program, so it's likely.

James McKenzie wrote:
> However, you can copy the riched32.dll file from your Windows partition to the program directory.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work.

If I copy either the riched32.dll provided with the program or my Windows partition's riched32.dll or XP's riched32.dll (with riched20.dll in systems32 then) into the program's directory, I get the refresh problem.

If I copy riched20/32.dll into system32, I get the refresh problem.

If I set a soft link to system32/riched20.dll into the program's directory or copy riched20.dll directly there, it works.

(All, of course, with riched20/32.dll set 'native, builtin'.)

BTW, another reason to have riched20.dll accessible for all programs is wine's wordpad.exe. With the default installation, I get not list bullets. After copying riched20.dll into system32 and setting it 'native, builtin' for wordpad.exe, the bullets appear.

So where to copy the dll to have it 'native, builtin' for a couple of programs (especially if they resist in system32 themselves) and 'builtin' as default for the rest of it?

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