[Wine] PolarProTrainer

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 29 22:13:47 CDT 2010

finnipinni wrote:
> Hi James.
> Tanks for reply.
> It's been a hvile - I have no knowledge of this and lost interest in the matter.
> Now using Ubuntu 10.04 and allways latest Wine, but does not work.
> For others :
> Problem 1.
> IRDA protocoll must be working. First install in Ubuntu, so in Wine - I've heard ?
> The miniCD PolarIRDA (SigmaTel) contains Linux drivers, but I do not know howto.....
> On Mac it has to be on BootCamp i belive ?
Boot Camp allows you to install and boot up Windows.  I'll have to check 
to see if IRDA is supported on Macs (I don't think so, but there is this 
little thing called a remote...)
> Problem 2.
> Polar PPT5 contains an updaterprogram accessable from "help-button".
> Also some url-links are, but none are working.
> I belive InternetExplorer are necessary to access the internet ?
Internet Explorer for the Mac development was stopped at version 5.2.  
There is Safari/Firefox/Opera support for the web on Native MacOSX.  For 
Wine there is IE6/7/8 and Gecko (the Mozilla engine).  Of course you can 
install Firefox/Opera for Windows as well.

Since I have two Polar CS200's here, it might be good for me to figure 
out how to get them working as well.

James McKenzie

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