[Wine] How to debug driver code when app run on wine?

Gang Liu soararing at gmail.com
Sun Dec 26 02:26:10 CST 2010

I am trying to debug opengl driver when windows Direct3D game runs on wine,
and encounter the problem:

Working on SUSE 11.2, and download the wine binary by YaST2, then:

root>gdb wine
gdb> b driver_init
gdb> r game.exe

then I can break the driver on driver_init, and i can see the driver stack
by bt, but I cannot see the driver source code, debugger can not find the
source code file, but if you use "s" to step by step, debugger can find each
function called, so it's strange.

So am I doing right for debugging this case, I am new to wine, thanks in

Or should I build wine from source code to debug this?

Jeff Liu
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