[Wine] binding to privileged Linux ports (<= 1024)

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 7 17:17:55 CST 2010

mc2718 wrote:
> As far as my box is concerned, nothing will be able to get in from the outside, whether I have it actually on the network or not, thanks to the firewall (potential future SSH vulnerabilities aside). But it is an interesting thought that I could run the policy server and the web server on in Linux... will look into that.
I don't rely on firewalls for security and for good reason.  Neither
should you.  The only totally secure system is that which is not
connected to ANY network and whose data inputs are throughly scanned for
input failures.

> One last question: would having two 'wine' executables, say original 'wine' and 'wine-open' work, where wine-open has the capability turned on so that I could use that when I need it? I.e., does wine rely on having the name 'wine' for its main executable?
To answer this question:  NO.  However, it may be wise to link both of
your executables to a script that calls the appropriate one and to
rename both of them to something else.  You can then restrict execution
of them to the local machine only.

James McKenzie

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