[Wine] Re: Need some feedback on this Printing Solution

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Feb 15 06:57:49 CST 2010

Wrong about super user access Danila Sentiabov.    Never super user access has never been required to run printer drivers.

Basically you are a idiot to comment on printer drivers.   Windows printer drivers run in user space as the spool user.  Ie less rights than administrator same rights as selinux secured cups grants its spool processes by the way.   

As well wine can run some old windows 3.11 print drivers and link those back to cups.  Perfectly reliable as well. 

Twain in wine also does not support drivers since it forwards onto sane for processing.

Basically of someone spent enough time making the frameworks both Twain and Printers could be done inside wine.   Remember Twain drivers run is the user.

If someone wants to pick up the source code to running printers more modern windows printer drivers with wine parts.    All you need to find is the project called ddiwrapper.   It was started by novell before they made the deal with MS.  The project stopped as soon as the deal was signed.

The biggest headache is that some windows print drives expect to be able to write straight to screen.  Nothing that cannot be solved one way or another.

http://www.zedonet.com/en_p_turboprint_driver.phtml?printer=Canon_PIXMA_MP130  I had forgot about turboprint.   Printing not scanning.

Device is always going to be only partly functional for a long time to come.   Sometimes it just better to accept it and move on.

Also by the way TWAIN 2.1 drivers use the same source code for Linux Windows and Mac.   TWAIN is a platform neutral interface.   So not providing drivers for other platforms is just unwilling to build them for other platforms. 

By the way the policy I quoted on drivers and Apple.  Is Apples there policy  Danila Sentiabov.  I have worked in a Apple store.   That is the rule.  You bought a apple by apple compatible hardware it avoids a whole stack of hassles. 

Its not like the mp130 is a great printer.  One day it will bleed all the ink it used cleaning heads all over where it is sitting.

Lure some local nerd with beer are you nuts.   Last thing you want is a slightly drunk person near a computer.  Food far safer bribe.

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