[Wine] Does wine enable logging and if so can I disable it? And how do I remove log files?

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 19 11:14:36 CST 2010

Susan Cragin wrote:
Thanks. Questions in title.

Wine's "logging" is nothing more than printing messages to stderr. The
only way you get a log file is if you redirect stderr to a file, like so:
wine program.exe &>wine.log
Since you create the log files, they're easy to remove with:
rm wine.log
or some such command.
If you don't want any output at all, set the WINEDEBUG environment
variable to -all, like so:
WINEDEBUG=-all wine program.exe
Then none of the FIXMEs, ERRs, TRACEs, etc. will get printed to stderr.
And it makes troubleshooting very hard...
If you are getting a bunch of fixmes you can always turn of the 'channel'
WINEDEBUG=-richedit wine program.exe
should shut down all reporting for richedit.
James McKenzie


Aren't these all things that have to be turned on in the first place, with winedbg?
I was looking for an automatic and insidious logger like linux's rsyslog. 
Here's my problem. I'm running a program (NaturallySpeaking) that creates lots of useless error message and has the capacity to create huge logs. Rsyslog was killing it. 
I turned of linux's logging with 
sudo service rsyslog stop
and NatSpeak started running much better, without freezing/crashing.  
So, I thought there might be an equivalent Windows logger that ran in wine, and a similar command to kill it. 

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