[Wine] No MIDI devices in wine

Klaus-Peter Schrage kpschrage at gmx.de
Sat Jan 2 07:28:52 CST 2010

Am 01.01.2010 22:16, schrieb vitamin:
> Klaus-Peter Schrage wrote:
>> In winecfg's sound tab, there is no ALSA entry at all, perhaps that
>> is part of the problem (I get sound in Wine through Pulseaudio).
> Pulseaudio knows nothing about MIDI and can't work with it. In Wine
> only ALSA backend driver supports MIDI.
> Klaus-Peter Schrage wrote:
>> And using a soft synth doesn't help, because I want to address the
>> MIDI  hardware of my soundcard.
> You have to properly set everything up, including on the ALSA side
> too.

ALSA seems to be set up properly; my soundcard (DMX6Fire) is well 
supported for a long time now, and everthing works for me as expected.

But I can't get an ALSA entry in winecfg (and so there is no MIDI); 
sound in wine works via pulseaudio, and if I disable pa, the only sound 
driver available in wine is jack.

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