[Wine] 1.1.36 compile problem on Mac OS X

ryan woodsmall rwoodsmall at mac.com
Mon Jan 11 16:18:58 CST 2010

> I didn't write down the error, but the "make" erred out and failed on one of the win16 files... never had a problem with win16 building before.  I built it with --disable-win16 and the compile went through.  I wouldn't mind leaving win16 support in, but its not a major concern.

Definitely an issue in win16 code on 10.4/10.6, where it should work.  I've not had any time to run a bisect on Git yet or report a bug, but there were lots of changes/fixes for win16 in 1.1.36:


Anyone run a "git bisect" on OS X between 1.1.35 and 1.1.36?

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