[Wine] Fallout3 installation on Mac-Leopard

gryan wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 17 16:17:40 CST 2010

Trying to install Fallout3 and I get this:

Last login: Sun Jan 17 16:05:20 on ttys000
ryan-griders-macbook-pro:~ griderryan$ cd /Volumes/Fallout\ 3/
ryan-griders-macbook-pro:Fallout 3 griderryan$ ls
DXREDIST		autorun.inf		readme.txt
Fallout3.ico		bin			setup.exe
FalloutLauncher.exe	data1.cab		setup.ibt
G4WL			data1.hdr		setup.ini
MainTitle.wav		data2.cab		setup.inx
Screenshots		engine32.cab		setup.isn
Setup.bmp		layout.bin
ryan-griders-macbook-pro:Fallout 3 griderryan$ wine $setup.exe
wine: Module not found
ryan-griders-macbook-pro:Fallout 3 griderryan$ 

Am I doing it wrong?
Am I missing something?
Am I trying the wrong file?

All I know is that I'm still very new to all of this and I've been trying to play this game for over a month now. Any help is appreciated but please keep it in layman's terms.

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