[Wine] Fallout3 installation on Mac-Leopard

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Sun Jan 17 16:35:56 CST 2010

gryan wrote:
> ryan-griders-macbook-pro:Fallout 3 griderryan$ ls
> DXREDIST		autorun.inf		readme.txt
> Fallout3.ico		bin			setup.exe
> FalloutLauncher.exe	data1.cab		setup.ibt
> G4WL			data1.hdr		setup.ini
> MainTitle.wav		data2.cab		setup.inx
> Screenshots		engine32.cab		setup.isn
> Setup.bmp		layout.bin
> ryan-griders-macbook-pro:Fallout 3 griderryan$ wine $setup.exe
This is your problem right here. For one thing, if you'll notice in the
directory listing, there's no dollar sign in the filename. For another
thing, the dollar sign is a very special character to the shell. If you
put it in front of something, the shell will try to expand an
environment variable, which isn't what you want here.

So try again, and this time don't type the dollar sign. Then if you have
more problems, post back here.


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