[Wine] PolarProTrainer

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 21 08:06:05 CST 2010

>I'm now using the Ubuntu 9.10 and Wine 136. 
>The calender rendeering is now showing fine, and the program is working.
>I entered all the data that should come form the IRDA transmission directly into the personal folder, and transfered som programfiles from Polarversion 164.
>Polar has updated to version 165.
Ok.  Is this downloadable from Polar.com?

>The IRDA is still not working, and has been reported loong time ago.

Can you map the IRDA device to a com port in Wine?  

>Links to polarsites and update is still not working.
In other words, you cannot update Polar Trainer from within Wine, correct?

>Therefore it is still not possible to run PolarProTrainer5 in Wine.

First thing is that the IRDA interface needs to be functional as a serial device or this will NOT work in Wine.  If the device requires a 'special' driver then it will not work in Wine, possibly never.  However, when I used an IBM Thinkpad and it had an IRDA device, I was able to map it to a Com port (5) and use it to transfer files to/from another Thinkpad.  This was a LONG time ago.  I don't think that my Mac has that capability but I can check.

I am under the impression on my Mac I have to buy a USB <-> IRDA adaptor in order to use this function.  For my Polar CS200CAD I have to use a microphone and be in a very quiet area.  Linux is NOT supported for this type of Cyclometer, but I've read reports where folks have made it work in Wine.

James McKenzie

James McKenzie

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