[Wine] Magicjack in wine?

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Fri Jan 22 02:27:55 CST 2010

> Any chance of getting Magicjack running in wine. I hate having to use 
> XP just to have a phone. I have used Ubuntu for quite a while and got 
> used to not having nag screens and 30 day trials on software.
  I think that due to the USB nature of Magicjack, it will not work in wine.
  But do you know which protocol do they use ? If it is a regular SIP, you
can use any simple gateway (Linksys, ZyXel, Well...) to connect your phone
to them and talk even without any computer. An if they use a proprietary
protocol, I would not use it at all, because there are many operators offering
the same service at the same prices, but using open protocols (SIP, formerly
H.323), which gives the user much more freedom and much more possibilities,
how to use the service.
  With regards, Pavel

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