[Wine] Re: Wine doesn't work with any application running from CD / DVD

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 26 15:26:58 CST 2010

Ok hyperhelium only some forms of OCR will install in wine.  Stand alone versions.   Some on install are trying to talk directly to devices.   One problem here no scanner installed matching up to OCR.

Remember particular games also try to install drivers and the like for copy protection.   We are able to trick a lot of copy protection by changing windows version so it don't install.

Adobe one is the normal missing functions as the functions are becoming implemented less and less Adobe programs are needing work arounds. 

Basically without knowing what the software exactly is I cannot refer to the http://appdb.winehq.org to see if anyone else has used it.   If its a new program no one at wine has used it really need to be added to the appdb so that all work how to make it work can be tracked.

Worst work around to do is a manual install that has been required by some applications until wine reporting support is improved.

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