[Wine] All Applications Failing on Start

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Fri Jan 29 18:56:09 CST 2010

thistimearound wrote:
> Hey guys. Kind of new to the linux world here. I love the idea of WINE but I haven't been able to get anything to work yet. Perhaps you guys can help me if you've had similar issues? I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 on a Macbook-1,1. Everything outside of wine works fine other than bad repositories, but that's another story. [Wink] Below is a list of applications I'm having problems with.
> World of Warcraft - Did the installation through WINE. Updated to the most recent patch. Will play the opening video and then hang immediately. Will not run anything past the start-up, ie no log-in screen.
That runs natively on Mac OS X. Or, do you like Linux more? (I know
Alexandre Julliard does. He's in charge of the entire Wine project.)

By the way, you're not trying to run it in OpenGL mode, are you?
Something that Blizzard did broke OpenGL on Windows (and therefore, in
Wine). (If they broke OpenGL on Mac OS X, I'm sure a lot of people would
get angry because DirectX isn't available there :).
> F.E.A.R - Gold edition - Asks for DVD/CD to play if its not in. CD/DVD doesn't read or open in WINE, starting manually with CD/DVD in it will give me the configuration, but won't load afterwards.
> Braid - Will not load at all.
> Morrowind: GotY DVD with both Expansions - Installed through WINE, will start with or without the dvd in, but won't do anything after the opening Bethesda video.
For all three of these, we need terminal output. If it's short, post it
here, else put it up on a site like pastebin or something, and link to
it here.
> Plants vs. Zombies (compressed in z7) - Will not open in z7. Though z7 did appear to install right.
Why is it compressed? Have you considered that that's the problem? If
it's not, post terminal output.
> DirectX - Would not install. Necessary?
Maybe. Depends on the game. Note that native ddraw, d3d, and dsound
won't work. The only useful DLLs are d3dx9_<nn> and dplay/dplayx.
> Anyways, that's just a few. Looks like Ventrilo works,
Uhh, Ventrilo is Mac OS-native too. I think it's awesome that you like
Linux, but I'm just saying, since you have a Mac and it comes with Mac
OS X, you might as well take advantage of it.

By the way, Wine runs on Mac OS X, too. But it may be more trouble than
it's worth. (For me it's not; I like a challenge.)

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