[Wine] Simple application made with visual studio 2005 not running

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 11 16:44:42 CDT 2010

fernandocarvalho wrote:
>> Wine is supposed to be windows compatible.
>> Visual Studio is a compiler to make windows programs.
>> Windows programs make calls to windows system calls.
>> Wine emulates windows system calls and API.
>> So if I test all Visual Studio system calls against wine, than I can help wine developers find bugs on Wine.
> That was my thought.
These are great ideas/thoughts.  However, if you do find something, it 
has to be converted into a conformance test (in other words a test that 
proves this is how Windows expects things to work.)  I've found that 
various 'flavors' of Windows behave differently and there is a vast 
difference between Windows 9x/ME behavior and Windows NT (Windows NT, 
2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista and Win7.)  You have to look out for and 
account for this.  All in one test case.  Not easy but very productive 
when we are implementing said behaviors.

> I don't know if I'm right.
You are definitely on the right track.  I was thinking that you wanted 
to build complex Windows programs with VS in a Wine environment.  Using 
VS for testing is a different thing and actually could lead to 
discoveries and shorten the build/test cycle.  It is definitely another 
tool in the tool box of testing scenarios that we should consider.

James McKenzie

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