[Wine] Re: Trying to Get EMBIRD32 Working Under Wine

oldefoxx wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 7 00:49:26 CDT 2010

James McKenzie wrote:
> oldefoxx wrote:
> Try putting it in C:/Program\ Files/ instead of c:
> The program may be looking for a .dll through a relative path and that 
> may be causing the error.
> James McKenzie

zi follow what you are saying, but there was nothing to guide me in this matter, and folder names with spaces in them are a bit tricky to deal with in Linux, or Ubuntu in this case.  For instance, I would never think to use aq c:/Program \Files to handle this, and no idea why it might work or what it really means is lost on me.

As to getting the Embrd800.exe, I don't think it is available online anymore.  I just use the copy I downloaded for my wife years ago.  It is only a demo until you get what they refer to as the password, and that activates all paid for features.  I did find an earlier Embird 7.x version at several archives, but when I searched for it again, I was finally directed here:  http://www.embird.com/sw/embird/oldfiles.htm.  I don't think there is an evident way there through the main page.

I don't get asked by the installer where I want the install to go.  Normally you have a choice of drive or directory, but I don't see that happening here.

Another odd thing is that each effort to try and get Embird up and running,
which it won't do for some unspecified error (I mean it reports the error, but there is quite a bit involved and I;m not going to specify it myself on this go around).  But here is something else that is happening:  I get a growing list of Embird entries in the list where you can choose which application to open a file with.  You know, bu pointing to the file and using the right mouse button.  I have no idea why they kept getting added but i checked under .local/share/applications and found a slew of wine-extention-###-desktop entriesm where the ### was either three letters or three digits.  The letter combos might be representative of embroidery file extentions, Not sure why three digits,  Anywaym I did a rm -R ./wine-* and it not only got rid of these, but what now shows up under the list for choose another application looks right now.

It is possible, I suppose, that someone else is emulating XP rather than 2000, and I could attempt the same, if I knew how to configure wine.  Every time I try to use Configure Wine, it goes off somewhere for awhile, then comes back,  and nothing has happened.

The advice about using apt-get install wine1.2 instead of the other variations finally paid off in that no conflicts reported at the end.It can be tricky to guess what to try on the next go around.

I guess that is going to have to do it for the night.  I'm struggling to get this done while also drifting off to sleep.

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