[Wine] user.reg keep constant value!!! - Lotus Approach

chettawan wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 18 01:03:36 CDT 2010

Hi all,
    I'm trying to change the registry value using both regedit tool and manually edit file user.reg to change Wine regional setting to Thai bye the following key.

[Control Panel\\International] 1276837520
"sCurrency"="\xe3f"  //Thai Baht sign in ascii code

The weird things occur, each time I run wine application such as notepad.exe, regedit or Lotus Approach some value in user.reg has been change automatically to default value. these are

"sCountry"="English United States"
"sCurrency"="$"  //Thai Baht sign in ascii code

I also try to change permission of user.reg to something like 400 and also change its owner to root:root but after running some wine app the file permission was reset to  user:user and 544   [Evil or Very Mad] 

For more information:
    I try to use Lotus Approach on Wine to access the shared database file on network drive. Every time I open the database with Approach on Wine, other Windows users who try to access the same file got the error message that this file already open in other language. 
   This problem occurs by several computers access the same Approach database file with different regional setting.
   Most of my Windows user set their Regional setting to Thai but Wine seem to represent itself as English United States. 
   I prove this by change the Windows Computer regional setting to English United State to match Wine and the problem gone, But doing so I have to manually change about 10 Windows computer just to support small amount of new comer linux desktop.

   I try to change Wine regional setting using env in command line

       env LANG=th_TH wine ...
       and    env LANG=th_TH.UTF-8 wine ...

       but both didn't work. 
   I figure out from Windows registry that those keys should be change but... the current problem is Wine keep automatic change my value back.


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