[Wine] Re: mmdevapi:MMDevEnum_Create OpenAL support not compiled in

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 20 07:19:57 CDT 2010

zuargo wrote:
> Also they said me I should build and installing WINE from the source after installing openal. The point is they believe the packager included a flag or parameter in the WINE building, that prevent to use openal on WINE (--without-openal). But as I say at the first post this is not so.
> However I will try it.

I thought you were already building Wine yourself. Are you saying the openal not compiled in error is for a packaged version of Wine? Then yes, the problem is with the Wine package, and you need to contact the package maintainer. If the packager didn't have the necessary openal files installed, then Wine would be compiled without openal support.

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