[Wine] Re: Playing Neverwinter Nights

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 23 16:10:50 CDT 2010

I can answer your questions.. but this is not Wineskin support... Wineskin is highly customized (for many reasons) on OSX... although it does use stock unmodified Wine builds (by default)...

Please direct questions about Wineskin to either the support form on...
or you can become a member on the forums at....
where there is a Wineskin section

If you using the NWN wrapper i built, its very very old.  I just got done rebuilding a better NWN2 one, and haven't gotten back to NWN1 yet.  That said NWN1 runs very easily in Wine and shouldn't be a problem.

If you installing NWN in normal Wineskin by yourself (which I'm assuming you are since its asking about found .exe files) and not a NWN customized wrapper, then you need to make sure you go in WineskinSettings.app and to Screen Options and either put it in fullscreen mode, or make it run Rootless in a Virtual Desktop (Rootless with normal windows will NOT work right). nwmain.exe is the main program... nwn.exe will also launch it, plus it will give you the main menu where you can do settings and updates/patches.  Do not try to mess with the graphics settings there too much, or the Toolset, or it will most likely crash.  If you press play on the nwn.exe launcher it will just run nwmain.exe for you.  Make sure you get it patched up to 1.69 so that it doesn't need the discs to play anymore.

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