[Wine] Re: Blizzard game bug

myke1124 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 23 19:00:26 CDT 2010

In my quest to get Wow running again I found a pattern.... I noticed mainly people that are running Fedora and Gentoo are having this issue. I found no posts from Ubuntu or OpenSuse complaining about this issue. 

My theory is this new version of wow doesn't in newer kernels. 

My main machine is running Fedora 13 ( kernel). It doesn't seem to mater if I use wine from the repo or build it from git. I have even tried the StarCraft II patch for wine. 
Wow crashed on login screen. 

Second machine OpenSuse 11.2 (2.6.31 kernel) with repo provided wine. Wow works just fine. 

Third machine Fedora 12 ( kernel) with repo provided wine. Wow Works fine.

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