[Wine] Re: Playing Neverwinter Nights

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 23 22:51:21 CDT 2010

D4L1D4Y wrote:
> Sorry for posting in the wrong place, and thanks for the rapid response... I've tried your fullscreen advice and it's still not working. Where can I find the NWN1 wrapper you've created please?
> Thanks again,

whats your system specs?  I have to try hard to get NWN to not run... its basically platinum... running just fine with a default install of Wine with no modifications... have you patched up to 1.69?

my NWN wrapper (and the new one I'll update sometime tomorrow) I post threads about on the official forums.... but I think the file is not available there anymore... I've moved stuff around.  I'm going to be re-doing it with a better version tomorrow, and I'll post up info about it on the Mac forum.


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