[Wine] Morrowind GOTY on Darwine - empty resolution list?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 27 20:59:11 CDT 2010

stodge wrote:
> It is? Ouch, didn't realise that. What's the current alternative?
> It's a new i7 Intel MacBook Pro.
You have several:

MacPorts/Fink will build a Native wine.

A supplemental project called WineBottler will install Wine (it is 
native, so we support it).

The WineBottler portion, which installs programs and might create 
application objects, we do not.

Also there is a project called WineSkin, that takes native wine and 
builds an installable application we do not support but its author does 
lurk here.

Lastly, I highly recommend installing the latest/greatest XQuartz as 
this fixes many of the reported problems with Apple's X11 application.

James McKenzie

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