[Wine] Re: Wine Gecko install notification

Sven wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 10 10:12:24 CST 2010

You say you want to do this, because you want to use the prefix for a program that will never use mshtml. Now you say that it might or might not need it. You also way that you want to use winetricks to get gecko in case it needs it (which is kinda lame). Can't you just put this in your ~/.bashrc:

alias winewithoutgecko='WINEDLLOVERRIDES=mshtml= WINEPREFIX=~/winewithoutgecko wine'

And just use plain wine in case you need gecko. Then just put gecko in the proper place so you don't get the popup every time you DO need gecko, and then you're done.

That looks so much easier to me.

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