[Wine] Re: finding or creating ~/.wine folder (Snow Leopard problem)

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 28 20:25:06 CDT 2010

by default you cannot name files with a . in front through Finder, you need to rename it in Terminal... and Finder will not show any file that starts with a . as that is for marking it as hidden.

do you already have a ~/.wine folder thats locked down because of a sudo run? you will not be able to see it in Finder if it exists with default settings.

in terminal you can type

open ~/.wine

and if it opens and shows you the contents of the folder, then you already have a .wine folder there.  At that point, if it opens you can right click on it and Get Info to change permissions.... or just use sudo in the Terminal to remove it if there is nothing you wanted inside of it.

if you try to create a folder in your home, what error message do you get?  Just go to your home folder in Finder and select to create a new Folder.  You may try changing the settings to read only, exiting Get Info, then change it back to read/write.  Also check your whole hard drive for errors, not just permission problems, in Disk Utility.  If it doesn't let you write to the folder, yet says you have permission to do it, you may have some really serious problems going on.

some other questions...
you installed Wine from Macports?  when you type in (no quotes) "which wine" in Terminal, it should say its in /opt/local/bin ... or its not trying to use the Macports install at all.  it might have a Wine executable installed to /usr/bin or elsewhere from some other install you used, thats pointing to the wrong locations.  if Wine is in /usr/bin (or where ever) from Macports, try editing it as its a bash script.  You can open to look at it in TextEdit.app by typing "open -e /usr/bin/wine"  or wherever it is.  If it opens looking like a bunch of garbage, its a real Wine file, don't change or save anything.  If its a text bash script, it should have a couple of lines... need to see what they say.

You are not doing any of this as sudo are you?  not using sudo to run Wine the first time?  if so its going to create the .wine folder as root, and you wont have any access to it as your user.  You do need to use sudo when you install Wine through Macports, but never again.

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