[Wine] finding or creating ~/.wine folder (Snow Leopard problem)

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 31 19:42:59 CDT 2010

hobbsilla wrote:
> I understand what you're all saying and what you've been saying. I have no idea if this is correlated at all but about a week before my initial post asking for help I was using my Macbook Pro on a plane it just suddenly turned itself off with no warning when it had a 95% charge on the battery. Once I was settled back home I called Apple Support and they told me that I needed to hold down something like Cmd + option + shift along those lines while the computer was booting (while plugged in via outlet). The computer booted up and the batteries started working again (showing a 95% complete charge on it) but I noticed some of my settings were sorta funky. My dock reverted back to the default apps that show up on a fresh install, my background which was a custom image reverted back to the default Mac spacey purple background image that are on all Macs. All my apps and documents and everything were still intact on the computer, I just had to change everything around to my previous settings.
This should not have anything to do with your problem.  However, if this
happened to me on a warrantied system, I would take it into the Genius
Bar at the local Apple store and get it checked out.
>  Also I had been using Winebottler to use an app that worked using it and after that it stopped working completely.
This may actually be your problem.  WineBottler is BETA software and may
cause problems.  I am one of the testers and have not run into this, but
I'm running on Leopard.  There are differences between the two operating
systems.  Snow Leopard may have added code that, under certain
circumstances, may cause a lockout of the $HOME directory.  Not nice,
pretty nor fun, and it is pretty hard for an experienced UNIX system
admin to troubleshoot this.

Again, it is time for a trip to the Apple store.  That's what that
warranty is for and you paid for the support.  Use it.

James McKenzie

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