[Wine] Re: Need Help debugging a Java based windows application to run

pd1980 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 24 17:25:42 CDT 2010

> probably some sort of wrapper round the "java JavaApplication" command
> that starts the JVM and it evidently didn't set JAVA_HOME or the
> classpath.
> To the OP: make sure your run-time environment sets the JAVA_HOME
> environment variable as explained in the installation notes for the JRE.
> That should allow your application to find the standard class libraries.
> The easiest way of doing this may be to use a wrapper script that sets
> JAVA_HOME and any other environment variables you need before it issues
> the "wine ...." command.
> Martin

Thank you James. Thank you Martin.

I tried the following on the command line, and it still gives the same error.


export JAVA_HOME=/home/pd/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Java/jre6/bin/java;
export WINEDEBUG=1 ; 
wine /path/tp/app.exe 

FYI, I installed jre into wine using the windows installer jre-6u20-windows-i586-s.exe. I also have java installed into my linux host separately. I am setting JAVA_HOME to bin/java located inside wine directory.


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