[Wine] Solidworks and .net...

denis bonnenfant denis.bonnenfant at diderot.org
Wed May 26 05:31:11 CDT 2010

Hi all ! 

I tried Solidworks 2009 with 1.2-rc1, and was really pleased to see that
it really works now, and is useable for real modelling. There are still
some annoying bugs, but nothing that prevents using it. That's a giant
step !  I updated appdb, rating it silver, but it is still queued. Only
vcrun2005 and msxml6 winetricks are required.

Anyway, I have some questions : some add-ons ( part libraries, design
analysis modules...) relies on .net30. It is a requirement for the
installation on windows. But installing it with winetricks breaks

As most of the functions seems to work with wine without ms dotnet
installation, I was wondering : does wine supposed to offer complete
replacement of dotnet framework ?

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