[Wine] Re: Trying to Get EMBIRD32 Working Under Wine

oldefoxx wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 28 18:39:57 CDT 2010

Embird seems pretty straightforward, with little or no demand on the Registry.  As I stated, it does allow embroideru files with different extentions to be used to call it up automatically.  It also uees a built-in icon displayer called Iconizer to show those patters as file icons.  And it uses a file (you tell it where) for the product key that allows you to have full use of it.  The file goes by the name Password.ini.

The ntdll.dll error reported before also gives am address that is related.  It may indicate a failed call to one of the built-in functions or subs in ntdll.dll.  Hard to tell what that might be.

I find Windows 2000 Pro to be a good and useful OS, personally preferred over WinXP because it completely lacks a validation process.  Also, many drivers and patches for WinXP also apply to Win2k.  But it is getting quite a bit tougher to put either on a modern hardware PC.  The Ubuntu + VirtualBox combo can get you around those issues.

But it is not perfect.  The screen can stop updating on the host side, and that means acting to get it going again, while on the client side the keyboard can lock up if unused for some minutes. With multiple software pieces involved, what do you point to as the likely cause?  I have no answer for that, so if I can cut out VirtualBox and Windows, my wife might be a good bit happier.  At least I am willing to give it a try.

I have no idea how the wine implementation of the Registry compares to the Windows approach.  IncrediMail XE really puts a lot in the Registry that needs to be referenced during use.  The Registry is therefore absolutely essential to installing and using this program.

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