[Wine] No Jack Realtime w/ Wine, Kontakt 4

Peter L Jones gmane at drealm.info
Tue Nov 9 02:47:20 CST 2010

Hi there,

What version of JACK?
What version of wineasio?
Native Instruments apps are known to be a little troublesome -- have you tried
any other ASIO apps, e.g. Reaper?


-- Peter

On 08/11/2010 17:35, Cosmo Lee wrote:
> Ubuntu 10.04. Wine 1.2
> I'm running Native Instruments Kontakt 4 under Wine. It runs fine except for
> occasional stutters, so I wanted to try enabling Realtime in Jack, but I have no
> luck with this. (I have made recommended edits to the limits.conf file, though
> I've read that this is no longer necessary(?):
> @audio - rtprio 100, @audio - memlock 250000)
> When I start up Kontakt, I see "ASIO_Kontakt 4" appear in the Jack Connections
> "Readable Clients/Output Ports" window in the Audio tab, which is normal. However,
> it quickly disappears, and when Kontact boots fully, no sound libraries can be
> loaded and the program locks up.
> This appears only to be a problem with running Kontakt & Wine. I can run native
> Linux synths such as ZynAddSubFX without any problem with Realtime enabled.
> I've tried doing this with a Realtime Linux kernel and a non-RT, same problem
> with either.
> Have I missed something?

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