[Wine] Applications which rely on WMP6

resle wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 10 04:48:01 CST 2010


I need to run a bunch of apps that, as subject hints, rely on WMP6. I've found a WMP6 installation on www.oldversion.com, yet when I try running it - the installer says that it's looking for Windows XP or later, and that 2000 is not supported. It's strange because I've configured Wine to present itself as XP, and I've also tried to specify a configuration for that installer only, always with version=XP well specified.

So basically I am looking for help on solving the problem in one of two ways:
1) Managing to make that installer see Wine as Windows XP or later
2) Manually putting into Wine the files / registry entries that presumably are looked for when an app "uses" windows media player 6.4

Thanks a lot in advance,

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