[Wine] How to successfully break through designer shoes

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Fri Nov 12 20:15:55 CST 2010

In fact, before UGG, has another "ugly classic ugg boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/) [/B]" visit Xiamen. This cheap mbt shoes (http://www.mbt-m-walk.com/) surface are holes, known as the "hole timberland boots sale (http://www.timberlandsforsale.com/)." Although unsightly, but also for comfort and star effect, won the sought after consumers in Xiamen. Of course, setting off this "ugly air max 24 7 (http://www.air-jordan-max.com/nike-air-max-24-7-c-84.html)," popular for the "originator" brand Crocs (Way Chi) must also face more and more competitors. 

"2010 will have four or five domestic brands to market in Xiamen, the shox classic (http://www.discount-shox.com/nike-shox-classic-c-67.html) is made with the classic argyle knit boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/classic-argyle-knit-boots-c-70.html) material." Way Chi Wang Xiamen agency said that from 2007 they introduced the brand, followed by increasingly appeared in Xiamen The more domestic production of PVA brand cheap air max (http://www.discount-kicks.com/), in appearance and the Way Chi is also very similar. 

Nevertheless, Wang still optimistic about the market. "High cost of store, we turn off the classic tall boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-classic-tall-boots-c-67.html) crisis of 2009 some of stores, but in some shopping malls increased by 2 counters." Mr. Wang said they will increase in 2010 stores, the prices may vary depending on the timberland boots sale (http://www.timberlandsforsale.com/) adjustment. 

In Wang's view, "cottage Way Chi," the popular may not be entirely a bad thing, "more brands enter, making known to raise the degree of ugly mbt chapa shoes (http://www.mbt-m-walk.com/mbt-chapa-gtx-shoes-c-30.html), and competition will promote the upgrading of products." Now, just beginning to visit the domestic market The air max 247 (http://www.discount-kicks.com/nike-air-max-24-7-c-76.html)[/B], seems to face a similar development and the nike dun 6.0  (http://www.example.com/)relaxation process. 

"This is the development of sports shox turbo oz with the same reason. Way Chi's position in the domestic equivalent of Nike, although they have many domestic brands of sports bailey button triplet (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-bailey-button-triplet-boots-c-68.html) back into production, but it does not mean that one who will be replaced by who." King President said, in fact, ugly ugg ultra tall boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-ultra-tall-boots-c-72.html)in Xiamen in the summer of 2009 began to heat up, "Beijing, Shanghai as a city that has been popular for sales is still growing, not to mention in Xiamen, where the ugly timberland roll top (http://www.timberlandsforsale.com/timberland-womens-roll-top-c-70.html) market is not saturated, so certainly still growing sales. "Wang said. 

In addition to open outside of PVA material, as a Way Chi also has its secret formula like Coca-Cola - 35% of the patented technology, which is why its price though high, but always in the ugg classic mini boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-classic-mini-boots-c-73.html) remain strong position. "To be blunt, that is, comfort and technology decisions." Mr. Wang said, in addition to Way Chi are constantly innovative with its design, the improvement of its practicability. Because the only way to market in the cottage surrounded by successful breakthrough. 

It is said that the design of snow in the Ugg mbt lami shoes (http://www.mbt-m-walk.com/mbt-lami-shoes-c-33.html) on the basis of the details to join Jimmy Choo brand design. This price does not cross series Ugg, luxury snow jordan retro (http://www.air-jordan-max.com/nike-air-jordan-retro-shoes-c-46.html) and Ugg in Jimmy Choo's high-end shops and department store sales around the world. President of Jimmy Choo's Tamara Mellon for the cross-ratio and the H & M seems to be more appreciation of cross-border, she said that in addition to your wardrobe, Jimmy Choo shox monster (http://www.discount-shox.com/nike-shox-monster-c-54.html) to only Ugg, so be sure to cross-border and Ugg reebok zigtech (http://www.discount-kicks.com/reebok-zig-tech-c-4.html) [/B]to the.

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