[Wine] Wine for next computing era

fernandocarvalho wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 13 10:17:32 CST 2010

Reading the most recent news, we can see that the time has come to break the WinIntel monopoly on the world.
Many devices are emerging, many architectures are being developed.
The opensource community is getting great visibility.
We should start thinking in bringing wine to this new scenario that is approaching.
Many surprises are coming for the years to come.
Why not we bring wine to devices such as Androids and iPhones.
I know that this should be some huge task, but the latter we start, faster we reach our objectives.
If we can make some Windows applications run on top of theses new architectures and systems, we are going to get most attention and maybe new investments in the development of wine.

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