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Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Mon Nov 15 12:20:50 CST 2010

On Mon, 2010-11-15 at 07:35 -0600, JohnBenard wrote:
> I have some vserver with Debian 5 Lenny 32bit and full root rights if
> necessary. I use wine to start a windows application which needs to
> open a gui. I followed this tutorial
> (http://www.lizardking.biz/2009/02/debian-5-multi-user-vnc/) to run
> the x11, xdm as login manager and fluxbox as windowmanager. I can
> login over VNC and i am able to start the program without any
> problems. I open the in fluxbox type "wine programname" and it works. 
> The Problem: I do not want to run VNC(security reason) and i do not
> need to see the gui to control the application anyway. I want to be
> able to login over SSH with putty and to start it there. Then i am
> also able to make a autostart and it is not necessary to open a VNC
> connection first to run it. However, if i try to run the application
> just with putty over ssh it just says: 
PuTTY is not a full graphical X-server: it is only capable of supporting
a text terminal.

> Application tried to create a window, but no driver could be loaded.
> Make sure that your X server is running and that $DISPLAY is set
> correctly.
To do what you want you need to install a graphical X-server, such as
Xming or Cygwin, enable X-11 forwarding for sshd (this is the default)
and configure your ssh client to request X11 forwarding. If PuTTY
doesn't support X11 forwarding you'll need to find another ssh client as

Some X-servers, such as Xming, are free and some will also act as an ssh
client. There are a lot out there - the net search 'windows xserver'
would have found them: did you look?

You can configure VNC to use a password and - even better - can stop its
server when you're not using it. As the VNC server only listens for
connections and your Linux box, Windows PC and local network are behind
a firewall that refuses all inbound connections (they are behind such a
a firewall, aren't they?) its difficult to see why you think its less
secure than ssh. 

Merely having a booted up Windows box on your network is much less
secure than either ssh or VNC, firewall or no firewall. Why not replace
Windows with Linux on it? This way X11 forwarding will 'just work' once
you've configured the ssh client to request it.  
> So, is it technically possible to run as example notepad(same error)
> with just using putty over ssh? 
No. See above. You can only use PuTTY to run Linux command line
programs, e.g. vi, vim, nano or emacs instead of notepad. They're
better, anyway: notepad is one of the least capable editors I've used,
barely better than edlin.


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