[Wine] Re: Swiss Manager

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 25 14:59:44 CST 2010

BlindTiger wrote:
> I guess there is no solution but to get back to windows just because of this stupid problem. This is the reason Linux will never really take off.

Let's see:
- Someone asks for help.
- A dev asks for more info so the problem can be fixed.
- Nothing happens for quite a long time because info was never given.
- Someone asks for help, again with not enough info to have it solved.
- This person starts bashing Linux as a whole because the devs of WINE, that is NOT LINUX, aren't helping on time.

And for what? A chess player. I'm surprised dimesio decided to help you at all after that problem, but that's probably because he wants to see Wine improved as much as anyone here.

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