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michaelslevinson wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 27 18:21:49 CST 2010


I put the dot after "com" in michaelslevinson.com because I was starting a new sentence. You use the "dead." In an earlier configuration of my home page, my mother (not Gramma) announces that she is dead and that she has me channel her thoughts or else she would break a dish.

But this was confusing to some people, so i changed it. It should read: 

I, Mary Levinson was born in 1916 and I am the oldest webmaster in cyberspace! I'm not going to quiet down until the world finds out my son is a prophet!

Look to the right at my son's menu of campaign planks, besides the essays below, in red. My son is a poet prophet with a world class program to change the course of human history on our Good Ship Mother Earth. Whether you elect my son U.S. president or not, his are the ideas that make the most sense for our country. 

In the event you don't see those two paragrpahs below the flag w/the 48 stars then something fishy is going on! I am humorous but very serious. Enjoy the vids on my site, especially the 3rd one down which the story of Adman and Even in the Gar den ov Edum. 

My Television Scripture is hand lettered, in double columns, with every line a delicate sensible rhyme, lettered in design to perform, like old blind Homer, from dusk until dawn, but this time around on "whirled" wide television, for all the worlds' peoples to participate in together all at once.

I am a poet with a world class poem and an innovative solution to every prob limb facing our nation and I get out of bed and put on one sock at a time. Read the essays on the right where my mother directs you.

I am setting up a word press blog (well, trying to) so people can comment and i can comment back, as a write-in candidate for president. Last November I had 54 thousand hits. But I have to renew and redo a lot. 

Thanks for answering so quickly. (My post is serious. I might have to put  link to Wine and Wine skin after I try Wine out. And Crossover is probably what I will initially use. I have software called Patent Pro, for writing patents, but it was / is such a hassle getting someone to front me a copy of Windows to run under (I forget the name - there are two apps out there - discouraging to me - I like the wine site. I also bought NotePad Pro (that might not be the exact name) from Fookes Software years ago, so I can get my password again from them and use Notepad again.

Please don't hesitate to give me a little time. I am working on a brief for federal district court challenging the FCC jurisdiction over our access laws, and in the samr brief challenging the broadcast licenses of ABC,NBC, CBS, PBS, and FOX, for their "wilful and repeated failure to allow access to me in the last election, and that is going to go to the Supreme Court, so I need pitchers in.

Thanks for your response. Lets all keep in touch. On tghe web site you se the cover of a book, "New World Hors D'oeuvres." Click on the cover and read ten or eleven pages. Here is the download: michaelslevinson.com/newworld.pdf

The first two pages are blank, as the pdf is the whole contents - then it all unfolds - the recipe for World Peace.



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