[Wine] Re: Newbie dummy question

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 27 16:37:35 CST 2010

lol... this seems so serious, then has the blurb and link in it...

is this post serious or just a joke?

Your website link has an extra . on the end and says your dead... one without a . on the end says its all done by your grandmother?

lol its funny anyways... but since I doubt its a serious post, I'm not sure I want to spend the time helping...

anyways.. for Mac OS X...

you can use normal Wine by downloading and compiling from source.. then Wine is all command line usage.

You can also use macports to do the above a bit easier.

You could also look into 3rd party tools to try and do this easier on Macs.

Crossover (http://codeweavers.com) is great, and there is a free trial... it would be the easiest way to go.

Wineskin (http://wineskin.doh123.com/) is free (and my own project), but there are some issues with Wineskin 1.2, but the Beta versions of Wineskin 2.0 are going really good so far and already better than the released Wineskin 1.2.  2.0 doesn't have any official documentation yet... Wineskin focuses more on making your windows apps look and run just like Mac apps.

There are others like WineBottler and Bordeaux but I don't know a lot about them.

none of these 3rd party tools are supported by Wine... you have to get support through their own channels.

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