[Wine] Wine and RyanVM-integrator

Gert van den Berg wine-users at mohag.net
Tue Nov 30 15:47:54 CST 2010

>> The destination directory doesn't have enough free space for integration.
>> Please select a destination directoy with enough free space.
>> But I've selected a directory on an exxternal HD with mor than 300GB free space... so that error doesn't seem to have any sense...

Is the external HDD configured as its own drive in winecfg?

It might be that the app checks the free space on the drive (Wine c:
which would mostly by /home or z: which would be your root directory
are the only drives configured by default) rather than the directory.
(Under windows, directories mounted to directories in almost full
partitions will have the same problem if this is the case and it is
not due to a wine limitation)

nLite works nice, have't tried it under Wine + Mone / Wine + .NET /
Mono directly on Linux (It is a .NET app)

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