[Wine] ASIO audio drivers for WINE?

Peter L Jones gmane at drealm.info
Tue Oct 5 03:55:10 CDT 2010

Hi Jordan,

WineASIO really has much more to do with JACK.  It's possible it will get into
the JACK distribution -- though the dependency on the ASIO SDK would have to be
managed in the build script somehow (i.e. skip wineasio if no SDK rather than
fail to build JACK).  One of my "tasks" is to see if I can get it to compile on
Windows as well -- the current JackRouter is, apparently, mildly frowned upon
because it's C++ rather than C like the rest of Jack.

(Corollary: MSWindows doesn't ship with ASIO.  You get it when you want to work
with "pro" audio.  On Linux, the equivalent of ASIO is JACK -- so JACK should
supply any ASIO driver.  Currently, WineASIO is sitting off to the side -- a
bit like ASIO4ALL does on Windows.)


-- Peter

On 04/10/2010 03:53, jordan wrote:
> Hey Vitamin,
>> They are developed separately from Wine and won't be merged into Wine because of the license restrictions.
> Would there still be license restrictions if wineASIO did not require
> the Steinberg ASIO SDK???
> I know FST doesn't infringe and is licensed under the GPL.
> I think it is too bad that WineASIO isn't maintained within Wine.
> After all, ASIO is THE low-latency driver for windows, and supports
> thousands of peices of software...many of which run nicely in wine (as
> it isn't like gaming where you lose 15% fps, many ASIO enabled
> applications run perfectly).
> jordan

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