[Wine] New Wine user who need helps loading a program(Wbfs Manager)

Bruno bruno at openline.com.br
Wed Sep 1 15:55:09 CDT 2010

Seb855 writes:
> Just download Wbfs Manager 3.0 , trying to load it and it doesnt work,
> at first the icon wasnt right , add to
> change the permission details , now it looks like its trying to load
> but it isnt . Its the first program that im trying to load with wine
> so maybe im missing something or its because of the program ...
> http://wbfsmanager.codeplex.com/
> If someone knows how to load it , some help would be great :)

same problem here. seems wbfsmanager needs dotnet 3.5 and winetricks
script only have 3.0 (which seems broken in my attempt to install)

the solution I came was other, run linux program called wiithon,
it does roughly the same, runs natively and the only drawback I
could find so far was lack of wbfs to wbfs copy (it copys to and
from iso, though, which suffice to my needs)

Hope this helps

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