[Wine] Re: Lineage 2 texture problem

kinzin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 11 14:08:37 CDT 2010

Hi Kritoslap, I have the same problem...  

When I run the l2.exe, show this message: 

"The game may not be consistant because AGP is deactivated. Please activate AGP for consistancy."

You have tried to run dxdiag.exe? If not, try to run and post what you see.

I am trying for two months to run lineage, and I come trying to solve my problem! 

In my dxdiag.exe only show my OS, memory and processor... 

BIOS and motherboard... Nothing! 

And thought: this is the problem!

But... How to solve it? How to make wine identify the motherboard, and then, the BIOS ?

And if you go to the BIOS, you can enable your AGP, but if the wine do not to identify it how can recognize the AGP?

Sorry about my english, I'm brazilian and have difficulty.

If anybody knows about this, please help us!

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