[Wine] Re: Civilization V

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 18 11:57:57 CDT 2010

DanKegel wrote:
> The game isn't out for a few days yet, but people are salivating, see
> http://forums.macnn.com/77/gaming/422760/somebody-help-civ-5-in-crossover/

would be nice... theres always been Mac versions of Civ in the past, so someday there will probably be one, but Linux will be left out for sure.

I'd probably rather run the Win version on my Mac anyways, as Wine seemed to run Civ4 a bit better than the "native" Mac port Aspyr threw together.... up until the last expansion and patch, for years the "native" Mac port ran horrible and was extremely buggy.  Its pretty bad when Wine can run things faster/better than a "native" port selling for 1.5X the price of the Windows version.

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