[Wine] mountmgr doesn't recognize d:: link to /dev/sr0

phatgeek wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 18 13:38:45 CDT 2010

I am a Fedora 13 user, so HAL automounts CDROMs and DVDROMs on /media/<LABEL> (this node is also dynamically created and removed from the /media/ directory as needed).

II would like to assign a device drive letter to /dev/sr0 to reference any CD or DVD when inserted (e.g. d:: --> /dev/sr0), instead of having to manually create a symlink to the dynamically created /media/<LABEL> directory each time I load a DVD or CD. As I understand it, this should work.

My problem is that mountmgr doesn't seem to "see" this dosdevices softlink, and I'm not sure why. Based on the many similar posts I found when searching with Google and with the forum search tool, I have formulated the following hypotheses:

1) perhaps I don't have permission to the device due to file permissions, policykit policy, and/or selinux.
(I don't know how to deal with policykit, but I think I have ruled out selinux and device file permissions).

2) WINE requires an fstab entry for mountmgr to recognize a drive when it is mounted (?)
 (I have tried creating a permanent mount point at /mnt/dvd and an fstab entry. However, after I successfully applied:
#> sudo mount /mnt/dvd
the drive still did not appear in winecfg or in DVDFab). 

3) My application needs to be configured to use ASPI to access the hardware directly.
(I configured DVDFab to use ASPI, but that did not make it "see" the drive).

4) There is some bug in DVDFab, wine, mountmgr, and/or winecfg

Can anybody help me with this? Or if this has been answered somewhere else, can I get a pointer?  Thanks in advance...

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