[Wine] Re: Strange Font

Euralis wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 21 13:14:26 CDT 2010

[Question]  okay, im not getting this... let me get this straight, i should not "run" wine under root user... can you define "run" for me please? 

I dont mean to argue, but on my distribution if you mean "install" by the term run, there is NO way to do that without being root. I think the debian/ubuntu series does not require super-user/root privilages, but mine does. As far as i know, these rules apply to compiling as well. If i am wrong, which i must say is entirely possible, then could you tell me how thats done?

IF on the other hand you mean just use wine as a normal user, then starting up this program from my "start menu" does that. 

I did run that shell script as a root user, and as far as i know i disabled whatever privilages that directory had. However just to be sure removed wine using yum in the command line. 

So my question now is this: how do i properly install wine, and specifically, what do i need to avoid running in sudo mode?

Thanks for answering this for me guys, i do appreciate it.

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