[Wine] modal windows in wine 1.2

janezk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 24 06:41:32 CDT 2010

We use wine 1.2 to run a sales application. 
The application uses modal windows.

First let me explain how it works on windows.

If the user clicks in the application (a specific action not anywhere) a new child window opens. This new window has a higher priority and is always on top. And until the user doesn't complete the form this child window will stay in focus and on top. The user can click anywhere on the screen, this window stays on top.

And now the wine behaviour. 
The user opens the child window. If he by mistake clicks on the parent window (and since we use touch screens this is quite often) the child window gets hidden behind the parent window. But the focus stays on the child window, so the user is unable interact with the now on top parent window. He can't for example minimize the parent window to get the active window back. So we get calls to our tech support, that the application froze.

Is there a way to configure the original behaviour in wine or is this a bug/uncomplete feature.

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