[Wine] modal windows in wine 1.2

Andreas Hermann Braml andreas at braml.org
Fri Sep 24 12:12:02 CDT 2010


> First let me explain how it works on windows.
> If the user clicks in the application (a specific action not anywhere) a
> new child window opens. This new window has a higher priority and is
> always on top. And until the user doesn't complete the form this child
> window will stay in focus and on top. The user can click anywhere on the
> screen, this window stays on top.
> And now the wine behaviour.
> The user opens the child window. If he by mistake clicks on the parent
> window (and since we use touch screens this is quite often) the child
> window gets hidden behind the parent window. But the focus stays on the
> child window, so the user is unable interact with the now on top parent
> window. He can't for example minimize the parent window to get the active
> window back. So we get calls to our tech support, that the application
> froze.
> Is there a way to configure the original behaviour in wine or is this a
> bug/uncomplete feature.

Which window manager are you using? KWin of KDE? Metacity of Gnome?

I had a problem recently that sounds a bit like yours. It turned out to be a 
bug in KWin, however, not in Wine. The bug is still not fixed ;)

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